Incentive Data

Export Finance (EFS) available at concessional rate of 3.0%.

Revision of Financing Rates under Export Finance Scheme (EFS)

            Please refer to IH & SMEFD Circular No. 09 and IH & SMEFD Circular No. 17 dated July 31, 2015 and October 30, 2015 respectively regarding the captioned subject.

2.         It has been decided that the markup rate for exporters availing financing facilities under Export Finance Scheme (EFS) will be 3.0% p.a. with effect from July 01, 2016 till further instructions. Banks’ spread for Corporate borrowers and SME borrowers will remain unchanged at 1% & 2% respectively.

3.         The revised markup rate would also be applicable on outstanding loans granted under EFS. Accordingly, banks are advised to re-price their outstanding loans granted under EFS. Simultaneously SBP BSC offices would also apply reduced markup on outstanding refinance loans granted under EFS. In order to reconcile the position of re-priced loans, banks should submit particulars of re-priced outstanding loans on prescribed annexure–I to the concerned SBP BSC office(s) within 10 working days from the issuance of this circular.

4.         Other instructions on the subject shall remain unchanged.


IH&SMEFD Circular No. 04 of 2016, State Bank of Pakistan