Honorary Investment Counselors

Sr. Name Country Email & Contact
1. Mr. Federico Juan Tomas Espana, 
Consultant Rungis Market Paris.
Paris, France Phone: +33625830647
Email: federico.espana@gmail.com
2.  Mr. Javad Mushtaq, 
Founder and CEO of JM Ventures.
Oslo, Norway Phone: +47 99470665
Email: javad.mushtaq@gmail.com

Mr. Abdul Lateef Saddiqui,

Chairman, MD Global Radiance Group of Maritime Companies

Singapore     Office: +65-64255640,
Email: siddiqui@globalradiance.com.sg

Mr. Fang Qiuchen,

Chairman, China International Contractors Association.

China Tel # +8618874866978
Email: yangyh@chinca.org
5. Dr. Du Zhenli, 
GM China International Engineering Consulting Corporation
China Tel # +8613901319031
Email: dzl@ciecc.com.cn
6. Dr. Wu Yongqiang, 
member and Secretary general of the youth federation of the Central committee (CPC) and Secretary General of All China Youth Federation    
China Tel # +8618901119399
Email: tkp123@126.com
7. Mr. Wang Zihai, 
Deputy Director General of Pakistan (China) Economic Cooperation Centre (PECC)
Shandong Province, China Tel # +86 15562596772
Email: 312717619@qq.com
8. Ms. Li Yiman, 
Zhejiang Eman Supply Chain Management Company
Inner Magnolia, Hainan Province, Qinghai Province, China Tel # +8613757920394
Email: emanlee@eman-logistics.com
9. Mr. Chen Xinsheng, 
Founder and Chairman of Dongguan Shiliang Technology Co. Ltd
Hunan Province, China Tel # +8618681035856
Email: jatebb@163.com
10. Mr. Xiaoyu (Alice) Duan, 
CEO Beijing Huiyu Import and Export Trade Co Ltd.
Tianjin, Xinjiang, Shannxi Province etc, China Tel # +8613811071443
Email: Alice@huiyuchina.cn
11. Mr. Jian Peng Philip, 
Project Director Anshan Shenglin Co Ltd
Gansu Province, China Tel # +86186 1055 9300  
Email: jeepfans@139.com
12. Mr. Hussain Al Shama
Former Assistant MD, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
Kuwait Office number: 00965-2243992 & 00965-22435081
Email: hussain.alshamma@beenergy.co
13. Mr. Mohsin Mujtaba, 
Director Stock Exchange.
Doha, Qatar Phone: +974 5554 2810
Email: mohsin.mujtaba@qe.qa
14. Mr. Kimihide Ando, 
Managing Director, Ando K. Limited Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81-90-3146-1021
Email: ando.spk@andokimihide.co.jp
15. Mr. Muhammad Shehryar Khan,
Managing Director
Italy Phone: +393387396181
Email: sherymilano@gmail.com

Mr. Adam Sadiqzai,
Director, Khans Hospitality Services

Melbourne Australia Phone: 0061-3-59408994
Email: adam@khanshs.com

Mr. Erkan Aslan,
CEO M/s Aslan Oil, Food and Packaging Material Industry & Trade Ltd. Company

Adana, Turkey Phone: +905322932748

Sheikh Bilal Khan, 

CEO International Food Processing Association

Republic of Kazakhstan Phone: +77773603401
Email: sbkhan@mccarthydenning.com

Mir. Mukarram Zehri,

Chairman M/s Pure Minerals Pvt

Bosnia & Herzegovina Phone: +387-66908510
Email: zehri7@zehrionyx.com

Mr. Ahmet Khan,

Group CEO, M/s Defence Systems

Bursa, Turkey Phone: +90 224 240 21 06
Email: ahmet.khan@defencesystems.com.tr

Mr. Arhat Mushtaq Bajwa,

Chairman, AMB Groups


Phone: +39-3247880688

Email: bmarhat@gmail.com


Mr. Zia Ul Noor,
Managing Director, E-Deliv Ltd

Malta Phone: 00356-77965527
Email: zia@knaz.com.mt

Mr. Faheem Azhar
Director, Cyber Wales

Cardiff, Wales Phone: +44-7725345167
Email: fazhar30@gmail.com