Incentive Data

Low rate of sales tax on Information Technology based services in Balochistan.




Rate of Tax





Information and technology based services including software development, software customization, software maintenance, system support, system assembly, system integration, system designing and architecture, system analysis, system development, system operation, system maintenance, system up-gradation and modification, data warehousing or management, data entry operations, data migration or transfer, system security or protection, web designing, web development, web hosting, network designing, services relating to enterprise resource or management planning (including marketing of products), development and sale of smart phone applications or games, graphics designing, medical transcription, remote monitoring, telemedicine, insurance claim processing, online retrieval and database access or retrieval service.]


11[Explanation. -Notwithstanding the rate of 15% fixed in column 3 (rate of tax), the following reduced rate of 6%, will be applicable, for all services specified at tariff heading 9868.0000 without input tax credit or adjustment]





Second Schedule, of Balochistan Sales Tax on Services Act 2015, amended upto 2020