Incentive Data

One-time Custom Duty exemption on import of Capital Goods (Zone Developers/Co-Developers).

  1. As per serial no. 2 of the PCT Code 9917 in Sub-Chapter-V in Chapter 99 of the Pakistan Customs Tariff (PCT):

“Capital goods, as defined in the preamble of Part-I of the Fifth Schedule to the Customs Act, and firefighting equipment, except the items listed under Chapter 87 of the Pakistan Customs Tariff, imported for setting up of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by zone developers and for installation in that zone by Zone Enterprises, on one-time basis as prescribed in the SEZ Act, 2012 and rules thereunder subject to such conditions, limitations and restrictions as the Federal Board of Revenue may impose from time to time. Co-developer as defined in Special Economic Zone Rules, 2013, shall also be entitled to avail the same incentives and exemptions for the same period as available to the Developer under the SEZ Act 2020, subject to condition that the Developer of the SEZ relinquishes its rights to the incentives and exemptions in favour of the Co-developer; provided further that the respective Special Economic Zone Authority duly endorses such reassignment, and ensures that such reassignment shall not be misused.”

  1. Capital Goods definition:

“Capital Goods” mean any plant, machinery, equipment, spares and accessories, classified in Chapters 84, 85 or any other chapter of the Pakistan Customs Tariff, required for-

  1. the manufacture or production of any goods, and includes refractory bricks and materials required for setting up a furnace, catalysts, machine tools, packaging machinery and equipment, refrigeration equipment, power generating sets and equipment, instruments for testing, research and development, quality control, pollution control and the like; and
  2. use in mining, agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, floriculture, horticulture, livestock, cool chain, dairy and poultry industry, “IT sector, Storage, communication, and infrastructure development of SEZs by zone developer”.


  1. As per serial no. 2 of the PCT Code 9917 in Sub-Chapter-V in Chapter 99 of the Pakistan Customs Tariff
  2. Part-1 of the Fifth Schedule to Customs Act 1969