Incentive Data

Low customs duty on Import of Completely Built 4-wheeler Electric Units (CBUs).

S. No.


PCT Code

Customs duty









Electric Vehicles 4 wheelers




50% of the rate of

customs duty as

specified in the

column (4) of the

serial No 7


The concession shall be admissible till 30th June 2026, on import of Electric Vehicles 4-wheelers (CBU)per company of the same variant to be assembled / manufactured as mentioned in column (2) of this table to the extent of maximum 100 units per company, duly approved/certified by Engineering Development Board (EDB). EDB shall monitor compliance with EV Policy 2020 and intimate FBR immediately in case of violation by any manufacturer to stop further clearance at the concessional rate, specified in column (4).


S. No. 8 of the Fifth Schedule Part-V(A), Import of Electric Vehicles (EV) CBU & their Parts Under Electric Vehicle Policy 2020 TABLE-I, [For 2-3 Wheelers, 4-Wheelers & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (CBUs)] of Customs Act 1969