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Don’t miss the boat to invest in Pakistan, says PM at 7th WGS

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday invited foreign investors to invest in the country, which he said was on upswing following his vision for a “strong and prosperous Pakistan”.
“Pakistan is on the upswing this is the time to come to Pakistan, don’t miss the boat,” the premier said while addressing the 7th World Government Summit in Dubai.
The potential of Pakistan & its people has been the driving factor in my political journey. To all those parties looking at Pakistan today as it begins it’s uphill journey, my message from the #WorldGovernmentSummit is: this is the time to invest in Pakistan, don’t miss the boat
— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) February 10, 2019
PM Imran said his government was pursuing a reform agenda to develop Pakistan on modern lines, which included facilitating ease of doing business, changing tax laws, and encouraging investments. He said Pakistan had the greatest tourism potential and the government was focusing on that sector.
PM Imran said Pakistan had immense tourism opportunities, adding that, “We have some of the most important religious sites … the Makkah and Madina of Sikhism can be found in Pakistan.”
PM Imran meets Abu Dhabi crown prince, IMF chief on sidelines of Dubai summit
Premier Imran said he wanted to follow the example of China and how they were able to end mass poverty in their country. He said the PTI government also believed in investing in human capital of the country to uplift common people.
“There is a dire need to establish a welfare state in Pakistan just like the one established by the Holy Prophet (PBUH),” he remarked, adding that the rule of law must reign supreme for Pakistan to prosper.
“I have failed many times in life, but I learnt to rise back up and work even harder to succeed.”
His participation at the annual gathering of heads of states and governments, experts and policymakers, stressed the country’s interest in economic growth and green development.